In the studio

Art-making is about process, not product. At Kids 'N' Clay, it’s not 

just about what we are making. It’s also about what we are doing. That act of being creative is more meaningful than any physical piece of art. When we invest in that energy, the “return” is enormous: confident, curious kids.

The studio is a special place. Everyone who is a part of the studio 

is welcomed, seen and heard. We are serious about our work, but we

have fun while we’re doing it. The collective energy of the studio mightbe contemplative, exuberant, silly or determined. Our team fosters an environment that embraces creative problem-solving, encourages people to express themselves freely and challenges kids venture out of their comfort zones to try something new. 

This work goes beyond the studio. Kids 'N' Clay staff encourage children to embrace the uncertainty of a new experience and the vulnerability of what it means to be creative. We invite young people to make their own decisions, including mistakes, as part of their creative process and personal development. Once children learn to express and execute their personal visions in clay, they become empowered in ways that go far beyond the walls of the studio. ​