What does “wet clay” mean?

Wet clay simply means we build our projects from scratch; no ready-made forms. Working with wet clay allows kids to create from their own imagination from start to finish, learning about the unique properties of clay and becoming skilled sculptors and potters!

No assignments? No set curriculum? What do you do in class with them? What do they learn?

When kids step into the studio, the first question they often ask is “What should I make?” or, “What's the assignment?” When they discover that they are in charge of their projects, and that we as instructors are here to guide them, their faces light up. “You mean… I can make whatever I want?” And the process begins. 

As kids gain confidence in the studio, they become problem solvers. Clay is a tactile, versatile medium where almost anything is possible; clay demands that the artist is both flexible and persistent. The three dimensional nature of our work allows children to understand the limits and possibilities of structure, shapes and forms.

How do I sign up?

Please look at our schedule and rates, and give us a call at (510) 845 0982 to sign up for class, book a birthday party or enroll in summer camp.

My child is almost three. Can they join a Mudpie class?

Unfortunately, no. Over the years, we've discovered that three is the sweet spot for children when beginning their relationship with clay. This policy allows us to give our full attention to instruction while also gently encouraging the budding independence of our youngest students. Thank you for understanding!

Do parents stay for class?

Some parents of our youngest students will stay up front, or back in class with us. While we welcome parents into the studio, we also encourage them to leave so that the students can come into their own.

What about adult classes?

We offer adult classes on Wednesday evenings; please call in advance to reserve a spot so that we know you are planning on joining us!

Can we take finished projects home?

Yes! Please also keep in mind that some projects may be fragile and could break if played with too enthusiastically...

Is my child’s work food safe?

Yes! All of our glazes and paints are 100% food safe. While the work is also safe for the dishwasher and microwave, we recommend washing by hand.

Something ceramic I have at home is broken. Can you repair it?

Yes, we can, though we cannot fabricate missing pieces. Whether it's a broken handle or a plate in ten pieces, we'd be happy to help restore it for a small charge. Please call us for a quote.