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Offering nationally recognized wet clay programs!
Featuring, in the ongoing weekly classes:
development through creative exploration!


Since 1988, the Kids 'N' Clay PotteImg127.pngry Studio has provided an ideal environment for children to explore their creativity while learning the craft of ceramics.


 Nationally recognized for its innovative wet clay programs, Kids 'N' Clay Pottery Studios offer affordable ongoing weekly classes for kids 3 to 18 years of age. 

Kids 'N' Clay focuses on the "real life" benefits of arts education; creative problem solving, pride, accomplishment and comradeship.



Research shows that involvement in arts education can help ensure a child's success in school and life!:

Clay is a wonderful, tactile medium that many kids have never experienced before.  Its three dimensional nature forces them to think about structure, shapes and forms. 

At Kids 'N' Clay, they can experiment with a variety of building techniques while they learn to think about their ideas and adapt to change along the way.  Students are assured of personal attention and as much time on a potters' wheel as they desire! 

There is something very magical about children when they are thinking and working creatively.   Once children learn to express and execute their personal visions in clay, they can become empowered in ways that go far beyond the walls of the ceramic studio or classroom!  Img222.png

We believe that children should not be limited in finding their potential.  When they are open to new ideas and experiences, they can create ANYTHING in their lives!

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge"   A. Einstein




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