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Parents' Choice Award!!!

The Parents' Choice Recommended seal indicates that the Parents' Choice Foundation committees found the product distinguished enough to give it a notch above their "Approval" rating.  In other words, this commendation implies their approval and, even beyond that, their thorough recommendation for reasons of production, appeal and fulfillment of its clear intent.

For years Kevin Nierman, ceramic artist, teacher, and founder of the Kids 'N' Clay Pottery Studio, has been showing kids how to make wonderful art from their imaginations.  Now, with these step-by-step, illustrated instructions and just a little adult help, any young artist (ages 5 and up) can find creative fulfillment - and gloriously messy hands - in the pages of this book. 

Find out about these skills and techniques:

        -  pinch, coil and slab methods
        -  sculpture
        -  wheel throwing
        -  glazing, burnishing, smoke firing, and more

Also learn how to set up a home or classroom ceramics studio, make cool gifts and family heirlooms, and fashion your wildest dreams from a simple lump of clay.

To order the Kids 'N' Clay Ceramics Book, check with your local bookseller, or click on the cover image above to go directly to the Amazon bookstore!





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